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This is our new long satin bonnet for braids, it is made from a single piece of satin fabric that protects the hair throughout the night from breakage, tangling, and frizz also making your braids crease free from folding and tying them. The cap fabric is thin, lightweight, and breathable. No need to worry about sweating through your hair over the night.


It combines 2 kinds of hair protectant, the cap and the tie, the bonnets stays right in place with the elastic tie, the long, wide adjustable stretch bands give you the option to tie the bonnet anyway that you would like, while also preventing it from coming off while you’re getting your beauty rest allowing you to go to bed cute, and wake up even cuter!

The pin up design lets you put the braids off your back and tucked up on top of your head so you are not sleeping on it

Glam Sash Satin Hair Bonnet with Tie

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