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Our mission at Riverview Braids is to be the premier braiding and beauty salon that delivers personalized experiences to our clients in a comfortable and respectful environment. We achieve this by helping each client discover, enhance and celebrate their royalty and beauty through hair and beauty care.


Riverview Braids

Riverview Braids is a unique braiding and beauty salon in the Tampa Bay area. It is led by Sade, our chief stylist with over three decades of global braiding and beauty experience. Upon opening our doors in 2016, we embarked on helping our clients discover, enhance and celebrate their royalty and beauty through their hair and beauty care.

We have carefully curated our products and services through this journey and exceptionally delivered them to our clients in a one-on-one environment. In our salon, our clients experience their beauty and royalty unequivocally. This is evidenced in the many five-star and exceptional reviews from our clients.

Riverview Braids is more than a braiding and beauty salon. We have a hair and beauty care line consisting of oils made from natural ingredients. Riverview Braids is also committed to delivering an experience that allows our clients to connect with their heritage. We provide an environment where clients can learn about the various cultural dimensions that interconnect with braiding.

Ultimately, Riverview Braids is about a personalized experience created by the fusion of our chief stylist, the client, and our products in our unique environment. This helps deliver a celebration of the royalty and beauty within our clients.

Consulting with a client.
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